«Eco Drama» theatre: upbringing of ecocentricity


All governmental authorities try to inculcate in their residents love to the environment and a thought that ecology should be saved. Hundreds of social ads and videos appear, laws are being made, discussions among schoolchildren, students and workers are being held. But this is not always effective. “Eco Drama” theatre – is an unusual way to show people of all ages that it is very important to value the nature and everything connected with it through art.

The unusual eco-theatre was opened in Scotland. The idea’s author and creative director of the theatre Emily Reid called her work “a creative reply to the ecological challenges we face today”.

Every eco-theatre’s play has a special sense and a message which are being got across to the audience. Some performances tell about the wild world, others tell about food origin, still others teach to be initiative and help nature under own steam. But there are some plays which give a great input to the defence of the environment in the truest sense of the word.

For example, the performance about “The Forgotten Orchard”, the stories about Scotch apple gardens. After it troops of schoolchildren get several fruit trees which can be planted near the school by them, as well as bright posters and educational games with the help of which they can better know the world around.


Not so long ago the “Eco Drama” theatre has changed its format of work wishing to bring the “green feature” into all their performances. For example, the play “Uprooted” was created in order to prove the schoolchildren that if the school garden doesn’t have a gross garden and clean lawn they can grow a piece of green wonder wherever, even in a pair of old boots.

So, the schoolchildren received a task to put plants in any recipient they want – in the old toy car’s body, watering pot, box, basket or any other unnecessary thing, which will be found at home by them. So, the lively decorations for the play were created in such a way.


fter such practice the set designer Tanya Beer decided to refuse the creation of the additional artificial interior design items – all the necessary things were made from the used materials. This project was called “The lively scene”.

By virtue of this “Eco Drama” theatre decided to place greater focus on the importance of solicitous attitude to things, recycling and reuse. This method allows to involve the audience into the process of play preparation, make them implicated to the event: when recognizing their own plants children get used to the idea that they can change the world for the better themselves.


The theatre’s eco-activity isn’t limited to the unusual style of performances. Sometimes the theatre’s staff members organize campaigns on trees planting in different cities of Scotland, give cognitive lessons to children, make masterclasses and seminars on ecology, recycling and material reuse. In order to prove the belonging to the “green culture’ artists arrive to the performances on electric cars.

The theatre’s artists gave an unanimous comment on the question about how their activity helps to propagandize love to the world around: “We believe that all people were born as “ecocentric” but with aging the love and attention to the nature can become weaker. We are proud that we try to educate “ecocentricity” and make this quality one of the main values in our live though our work with children”.