Full truth about the life of American Indians


Speaking of the life of Native Americans an abuse, drugs and Indians’ poorness are mentioned most of all, or they are represented as a kind of hippie who consider themselves as apart of nature and can speak with trees and wind. British photographers decided to challenge stereotypes and tell about how modern Indians live in sober fact.

When we speak about Indians we imagine a wise leader with a feather fan on his head. And if you enter a search of Native Americans’ photos in the Internet, you will find only photos of the beginning of 20th century. There are very few modern photos. That’s why the British photographers decided to remedy situation and engage in grand-scale photo projects seriously to prove the world that today’s Indians are not nearly those people who were imagined earlier.

The London photographer Carlotta Cardana (Instagram — @carlottaroid) has travelled all over the country with her project under the name “The Red Road Project” and communicated with some of the community representatives who had achieved success at that moment. In the framework of the project the lady represented not only beautiful shot but also the entire stories.


On this Carlotta’s photo you can see 22-year-old Sage Honga who belongs to the Indian tribe Hualapai. In 2012 she headed the list of the beauty contest among the female representatives of Native Americans Miss Native American USA. The lady tries to assure young Indians to leave their reservation areas and use all the possibilities which are offered by the world.


An Indian woman Evereta Thinn decided to digress from stereotyped image of shy Indian lady and after leaving school engaged in her career. Nowadays 30-year-old Evereta works as a headteacher in Indian reservation area Navajo Nation.


A woman with the name Thípiziwiŋ Young which means “A Woman of a Yellow Lodge” devoted her life to studying and teaching of the disappearing language of Lakota. The language studying program for children from 3 to 5 years old was developed with the help of Tipi.

And these are only the most exciting examples which are provided by the photographer. The lady attracts all the users who have ever met similar examples of successful Native Americans by announcing her detailed project route on her webpage in Instagram.


One more couple of British photographers Pedro Aguilar and Mike Diver  picture modern American Indians in the nature in which they are today on the shots of their photo project “Gipsy Kings Ghettographik Portraits”. With the help of this project the guys want to chase the nation at this stage to let the future generations know the truth rather than imagine these people only based on the works of Fenimore Cooper if they would like to plunge into the history.

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In fact, there are some old and young people who remember their cultural beginnings and honor them but the large majority of Indians passed on English language and modern American culture long time ago.