Street fashion: mermaid hair


Modern street fashionists invent a great number of oddities: robe into toons, wear striped clothes, and dress up in long dresses. And to be in trend there’s no need to have much money on a new Chanel outfit, sometimes it is enough to buy just a couple of tubes of hair-dye.

Tendency happens to appear once and not catch on, and this means that it didn’t become a trend. For instance, remember the beginning of 2000. Multi-coloured creative work on the long hair of Avril Lavigne and Christina Aguilera was nothing else but todays fashion called “mermaid hair”.



Nowadays the #mermaid hair technique became popular on the Web thanks to not so much the result (hardly any person can be surprised by the usual coloured locks) as the dyeing process itself. Beauty salons’ masters put lady’s hair on the horizontal face, divide into sections and dye every lock in individually picked cast. This looks eye-catchingly and is worth of Instagram.

By the way, the posts with the dyeing process are largely put in the Internet.


One more event which zapped the trend up to the peak of popularity has become the release of long-awaited film “Suicide Squad” in which the hair of Harley Quinn and the media darling Joker are dyed with multi-coloured palette. The fans were not long in coming, and now there is a great number of posts with the similar hairdos.

And, moreover, even the manufacturers of these hair-dyes decided to push up sales of their goods by printing portraits of the main characters of the DС Comics on the tubes.


If you decide to analyse the number of hashtags you will see that their number is consistently approaches to a million! Not nearly all trends can reach such a breakthrough. And when you come to think and remember the last collections of the big fashion houses you can come to a conclusion that soon we will face the triumphal return of the last decade’s fashion. So, you can easily get out the low riser jeans, plush sport suits and holed tube tops out of the dusty wardrobes.