Imgur trend: daily life outwards


It is hard to find something special in everyday activities which exist in our lives. But it is always interesting to know with what the weekdays of other people who live far away are filled and understand how much they are similar to ours. A new flashmob in Imgur shows how to break the everyday routine of each other by posting photos in social media.

An unusual flashmob in Imgur was started by the young man from Saudi Arabia under the nickname Saleh Nassez who shared a series of photos of one of his days. The photos didn’t have anything remarkable, some of them show ordinary boring landscapes which he saw every day when going to school across the desert. By this photo session Saleh wanted to tell about life beauties of his country and also about the fact that even the simplest everyday photos (trip along the desert) can interest other people.


Imgur users caught the tendency with enthusiasm, every day a great number of photos showing daily lives from different countries and continents. People shared very different photos. For instance, a man living on one of the ranchos in Canada under the post told the users that a big boiler in the kitchen is an article of daily necessity because the temperature can lower up to -40C in winter.


Those who live alone have an eye for the fact that it is sometimes necessary and interesting to tell the world about their existence. Kendong123 tells about this in her post. The woman lives in the house on the island Barra which is a part of archipelago Outer Hebrides in Scotland. There are only one grocery and one appliance store, that’s why it is necessary to buy all the things needed in the Internet.


Iceland residents share their wonderful landscapes on the web. The user with the nickname kjusielvi posted a photo of fjords on the outskirts of her native town Stykkisholmur. At that day the sun rose at 2.52 am and went down at about midnight. The photo turned out to be extremely beautiful. And the other resident of this country (electrichowl) showed to the public a photo on which she was lucky to meet the same rise during a trip to mountains with her friends’ dog.



Some people have to share not very pleasant news from their everyday life. For instance, a resident of Philippines Soopahfly showed hold-ups on the streets of Quezon City which he has to face on the way to work; an exchange student from Beijing DieLehreVom posted a photo of his hall of residence where about 900 people live, and all of them get into the smog-bound city.



To be honest it is only the smallest part of the material which is offered to appreciate and see by the Imgur users. And sometimes looking at these photos you can see that it is not so difficult to find something inappreciably attractive that makes us love every day of life in mundanity and ordinary everyday rituals.