Suntree – an ecologically-friendly gadget for travellers


When the battery of your phone or any other gadget is low it won’t be difficult to bring them in normal condition at home or in office which have electrical outlets. But if you are a traveller or you often find yourself far from a city you need other portable devices of charging. And meanwhile, the better alternative created by humanity with an anxiety of the ecology is solar batteries.

Every time the number of users who use their potable electronics in their journeys and business trips: digital video cameras, mobile phones, mp3-players, emergency signals and Sat Nav. Also people often take i-pads, satellite phones and laptops. That’s why the tourists think of a choice of a portable charging device.

In fact, on the market there are a great number of models which suit the travellers at the price and quality. But if the point at issue is about not only getting a benefit for ourselves – charging of a gadget, but also doing good for the environment it’s a very time to think where we can find the ecological way out.

Workers of XD Design Company solved the problem and issued a charging device under the name Suntree. Compared to its portable competitors this compact gadget is made of ecologically-friendly material – bamboo. That’s why when buying this charge with solar batteries you shouldn’t be afraid of harmful and toxic vapours under the sun. In appearance the device is made as a tree nine leaves of which small solar panels. Time needed for the charge is four o’clock.


For those who understand the numbers we will note that capacity of sun leaves panel is 5.2V/20mA and power output of the battery is 5V/max.1000mA. In lay terms, any gadget will have enough charge which was got from the Suntree for a long time. The only disadvantage on the moment is not very affordable cost.

The users have not appreciated a major step of XD Design Company towards environmental and ecological protection. But simple and a bit more bulky solar panels for charging still gain popularity on the web. Several posts of Instagram users, who increasingly use ecological charges not only during the trip but also at home, are about this.