3 exciting modern eco-projects


Wishing to attract public attention to ecological problems of our planet again, modern people of manifold gifts in the person of artists, photographers, designers and other specialists created eco-projects compelling to bend an ear. Thanks to the originality expression of the idea of these people sparked a huge public outcry.

Artists from Forlane 6 Studio create curious underwater installations. To mix organic and hand-made elements and to place them into enthetic environment is the group’s own original idea. “In the aquatic world – the source of ancient legends and fears, in the world beyond our compass the scopes between the reality and fantasy are getting fuzzy”, — the artists explain one of the project ideas.


The guys explained their interest to the underwater art by the fact that nowadays in spite of the seeming inaccessibility the sea is significantly depending on a human activity. Its bottom keeps a great number of things – waste or treasures having occurred there due to the humanity for whatever reason at different times.

The sculptures of the Forlane 6 Studio serve as a caution on the inane, dangerous and uncontrolled consumption because sometimes people are horrified with the quantity of garbage which is produced by them within a week. However, Forlane 6 Studio’s message has nothing in common with either morals, or politics. The duet managed to present their works seamlessly and beautifully without superfluous edge and pathos.



In the frameworks of the Public Art Project Beili Liu co-authored by the architects Norma Yancey and Emily Little, as well as the landscape gardening specialist Cassie Bergstrom created an installation called “THIRST” to attract public attention to the problem of hundreds of trees mortality in Texas due to a drought.


According to the idea the symbolic tree was placed above the Lady Bird Johnson Lake in such a way that the roots couldn’t touch the water. Annually thousands of tourists visit the unusual sightseeing but they do not always guessing the creators’ aim.


And finally, the London studio Loop.pH made an impressive installation in the form of rooflight which has a construction repeating a carbons molecular organization. The installation called SOL Dome is built with the use of light composite fibre consisting of carbon and fiberglass. This material called Archilace was exclusively developed for such projects by the studio. After dark the installation begins to shine with coloured lights – all of this is thanks to an integrated light-emitting diode matrix which collects the solar energy within a day.


The project Loop.pH is geared toward a new type of a consumer who takes care of the environment and values the installation’s ability to absorb solar energy during the day and translate it into electricity.


In fact, the designers of the London studio Loop.pH and other eco-masters are not the only representatives of the art world who are worried about the ecological problems. All the above mentioned projects are aimed at the drawing of public attention to the environmental problems.