Forest keepers: ecological art project


German researches found out that the trees are social creatures which can count, study, remember information, treat and warn each other about danger sending electric signals. And in the framework of the new art project a creative duet Zonenkinder assigned them a keen look, as well as a new status – forest keepers.

The beginning of The Tree Project was marked in 2006 – 2007 in Germany, the native country of art duet. At that time the trees of German parks, reserves and wood lines became the “forest keepers”. Today the project covers the most part of Europe, in particular, Germany, France, Denmark, Norway.

Forest keepers, woodreeves, tree spirits – there are many names of creatures made by Zonenkinder artists. Hidden among a great number of other trees, they do not attract attention of bypassers at once and appear on the way so unexpectedly that it seems they intentionally waited for a suitable moment.

In order to create another “keeper” in a forest of a perk the artists carefully inspect the “range” of trees and choose the oldest, sometimes dried up, with signs of aging and even entirely arid, dead stubs, submerged stumps and logs. They become new wood spirits getting a face and several accessories in addition from the artists. For picture and image completeness, put it that way.


Depending on a location, shape and colour of the chosen tree the artists determine what character can appear of it. The disposition and appearance after the transformation depends only on the nature which created the tree or log. The authors of the project say that they see at a glance whether a forest keeper is born to become a eudemon or a fiend, funny or sad. Or, may be, smiley, gloomy, dreamy…

Additional accessories such as ribbons, beads, scarfs, kerchiefs and bandages make these characters even more creative, funny and pretty. By the way, the artists never repeat themselves and you won’t be able to find the two similar images and brows among the whole group.


The ecological The Tree Project, as it is asserted by the artists from the duet Zonenkinder, all this is their method to remind people once again that trees also have a soul, feel pain, can feel ill and die like everything that moves.