«Green buses»: a new type of eco-transport


Previously it was thought that the environment and modern transport on wheels are not compatible things, as the car brings into the atmosphere only harmful exhaust gases. The Spanish people took the path of struggle against stereotypes and launched a new type of eco-friendly transport, which will not only plant trees of the city, but also improve the air quality.

Unusual buses with green roof gardens for the first time of appeared at the end 2016 on the streets of Barcelona. The author of the project entitled «Move at green» is a designer of the landscape agency PhytoKinetic in Barcelona Marc Granen. According to hid words, the mission of «green transport» is to expand the garden space in the urban environment, increase the amount of the absorbed carbon dioxide and giving a new attractiveness to the public transport.

Each garden located on the transport roof, consists of a metal frame and durable waterproof material, and in which the plants are placed. About 2500 euros costs to equip one bus such a roof, but it worth it. In fact, besides the aesthetic demand the «green roof» has also practical and even economic benefits: a garden on the bus roof is able to lower the temperature in the cabin in summer by as much as 4 degrees, and it can reduce the cost of air conditioning showrooms and service in the hot season.

Municipality of Madrid, which believes that these buses will absorb the city noise, heat and air pollution gladly picked up this idea. Therefore, the first models have already been launched two of the most popular routes, which run from north to south through Madrid’s tourist attractions. And further more, even hundreds of buses and bus stops will acquire a green roof.


By the way this initiative was also adopted in Girona and Palma de Mallorca, where an unusual green transport already runs. Thanks to this unconventional eco-project the Spanish government plans not only to plant trees and shrubs on the cities but also improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions in the country.