Travel-stagette: tourism fulfilling dreams


Every girl has dreamed to leave for an unusual trip with the friends for a week with everything included and organized. Girls in Travel project is a new travel format of the hen do in the most mysterious parts of the world.

Travel-hens parties are private invention couples of crazy travellers Yuliya Savitskaya and Anton Gurakov. The two-week programs in the country’s active learning format, taking into account all the things that girls love — get-togethers in cafes, shops with treasures, yoga, massage, cooking courses and long walks through the maze of city attractions.

In fact, there are a lot of differences between these hen parties and usual tourist programs. For example, the number of the women travellers in groups does not exceed 10-12 people. They do it to have all the girls manage to get to know each other better and become real friends in the learning the world process. No one will hurry, as is customary during the standard group tours — you can spend hours in the cafes and walks, posting everything that your heart desires in Instagram.


Another feature of Girls in Travel project is that girls do not travel in successful countries and typical places for hen parties. The guys drag their groups along unusual Asian world -. Nepal, Vietnam, Peru, Ecuador, Bali, etc. During the journey the girls go to three or four-day courses on yoga, learn to cook local food on cooking classes, and in the end they can go shopping.


There are no trips that don’t dispense with an extreme: flight on a paraglider with views of the Himalayas in Pokhara, surfing in the ocean in Bali or rafting on mountain rivers of Peru. Each day of the trip is mapped in the program, and in order to know the visited country inside they invite interesting people who will hold their mini-lectures and share their impressions of the trip.

A very important detail, which causes a deep respect and sincere admiration for the organizers, is a charitable activity. In every country girls travellers try to visit a children’s home — to communicate with the kids, who live in very difficult conditions and in need of care and attention to bring them food, fruit, gifts.


Well, the main rule of such events is that travel-stagette allowed only girls with bright eyes and a thirst for new experiences, without clichés and taboos in the head.
We can talk a lot about this new unusual travel format, which is so fast and easy fit into the overall concept of the tourism business. However, it will better try it yourself!