Patrick Mwalua – a person who stopped drought


News about this man, his broad heart and charitable deeds flew around the world. This is the case when the decision of ecological problems of entire continents depends on the actions of one person.

When a drought overtook Kenya, and dried up watering holes did not provide the inhabitants of Savannah with the necessary amount of moisture, Patrick Mwalua came to help. An ordinary 41-year-old farmer travelled with a huge water tank and supplied water to the needy, filling the dry troughs with life-giving moisture.

Every day his truck rumbles through the desert, delivering 11,000 litres of water to the arid areas of the Tsavo West National Park. Mwalua’s truck is known to all local inhabitants: elephants, buffaloes, antelopes and zebras. «There’s absolutely no water, so the lives of animals depend entirely on the person. If we do not help them, they will die,» Patrick explained to us.


The man tells on his Facebook page (3,000 subscribers) about how the delivery takes place, and how he fills up his working days. During a time free from water delivery, Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua grows peas on a small farm in a local village. He came to the idea of delivering water to wild animals, after observing climate changes. According to him, especially last year, the area where he saw a precious small amount of rainfall decreased noticeably, resulting in animals dying of thirst in these cracked lands.


Three wealthy women from other continents came to the aid of the philanthropist of the deserts, who organized fundraising, which will help Patrick continue his activities on an on-going basis. Angie Brown, Cher Callaway and Tami Calliope are girls who learned about what Patrick is doing through his Facebook page. The plight of the Kenyan animals pushed them to provide material assistance. Angie tells about this in her account.


«I visited Kenya in December 2015, although I do not know Patrick and I have not met him before,» says Angie Brown, who lives in Connecticut. But the country, and especially the plight of its animals, haunted me».

Cher Callaway used to work with Mwalua on several projects, including fundraising for hives and night patrols, to gently keep elephants off from the villages. The woman created the GoFundMe page, which collected more than $ 18,000 from people around the world — all of this goes for the maintenance of Patrick’s water delivery service. But there is more to come, and in the future they hope to collect more, so that in the near future Patrick could buy his own truck. That’s what Callaway says about this.

«Patrick’s commitment to living nature and his legacy are immeasurable. Even risking his own life in the middle of the night, he delivers water to a dry lake».

By the way, between car trips, Patrick launches another project to preserve the environment called Tsavo Volunteers. As part of the project, he visits local schools and conducts talks with children about wildlife and that it should be treated with respect.