Deployable eco-house for travelling in all seasons


A lot of things have been created that improve the conditions of the traveller’s trip: tents, sleeping bags, trailers, etc. But modern concepts of comfort are changing and people want more: to have access to heat, light and other privileges. A newly invented folding eco-house for travel can provide tourists with all these and many other amenities.

Tourist innovation is called DOM (E) and is a folding geodetic house with an eco-dome and a curved internal structure. The dome is designed for all-season use and can easily protect its residents from hot heat in the desert and from severe frost in conditions of the Extreme North.


The undoubted advantage of this house is that it is folding like a tent, but not inferior in convenience, like a well-equipped trailer. According to the creators, the construction was built with the use of environmentally friendly materials, and therefore it did not take much money to erect it. And, accordingly, it is not so expensive to buy DOM (E).


Just due to its unusual design, the house is provided with good ventilation and conducts airflow with the help of underground channels. And its upper part is designed to collect rain and solar energy. The whole system is connected to a hot water tank, which provides a bathroom and a kitchen with warm water.


By the way, the house has a ramified system of rooms, where there is a place for the kitchen, and a cosy place for swimming, and for a fireplace where you can dry and warm yourself. As for the exterior finish, the DOM (E) is lined with concrete and liquid rubber, and the interior — with a cosy birch plywood and good insulation. And the fireplace was installed by the authors here in order to give the design a homely feel, which travellers and tourists miss so much.