The most eco-friendly office in the world!


Surely many people have heard of such a concept as «green office» or «eco-office». In other words, it is a space, where the conditions are created not only for a man, but also for the sake of nature. Who should we look up to in this matter and which office can be rightfully considered the most environmentally friendly?

The Greenpeace of the Netherlands occupies the leading place in observance of all the design sustainability rules of the working space. They managed to prove that natural materials and modern technologies are very compatible.

The very first thing that the Netherlands colleagues win is the location. The office is located near the park or the so-called green zone, where employees can go out to breathe fresh air. Namely, in a dilapidated building on the bank of the Amstel River. By the way, earlier night and secular life was going swimmingly there: parties and performances were arranged. But, Greenpeace bought the building and made it a sample of environmental friendliness.


The building itself is a huge structure with windows from the floor to the ceiling and supporting beams. When you are in it, you have such a feeling that natural light and aeration are provided by themselves.


The workspace is not divided into cabinets. This format of the office organization is called an openspace, this allows not to violate the sense of freedom of employees and increase their level of productivity. However, there are some limitations here: employees of the company are prohibited to have their own place assigned to them. Thus, everyone can occupy someone else’s place on any day of the week, simply because he wants to sit closer to the window or kitchen area.


The office is supplied with electricity by wind energy. Inside there are energy-saving light bulbs, systems that react to movement and the natural light level. Heating and ventilation of the building is carried out thanks to the earth heat. It is also considered positive that at 8 p.m. all power supply in the office is automatically turned off. That is, employees can not stay up late and finish the work that they did not managed to do in the daytime. This provides an opportunity to accustom them to the effective working time distribution, and also does not allow them to work long hours.

Is it worth saying that all materials in the office are environmentally friendly and safe? Even cables are PVC-free! The lounges and part of the furniture are made from the remains of FSC-certified wood, soft carpeting on the floor is made from recycled textiles, soundproofing in the meeting rooms — from own recycled waste paper.



Of course, other offices should be equal to such a spectacularly organized working eco-space, but the real natural workplace should be exactly like this.