Grom Social or childlike Facebook


The power of the Internet, especially social networks, is unlimited in the modern world. And although the authorities of many countries try to take control of this irresistible flow of information, everyone can become a victim of trolling or any other negative impact. Zach Marks created a new social network where playing and socializing is safe even for children.

Each of us as a child faced parental prohibitions, such as «do not watch TV for a long time» or «computer for an hour a day.» The adults try to protect their children from Internet access, thinking about how much harm the information received from the web will do to the child’s psyche. On the one hand, this is just a demonstration of the real concern of the elders about their children, and on the other — the reason for the occurrence of childish grievances and disappointments.

The victim of this kind of bans was the current Internet entrepreneur Zach Marks, who, with a note of sadness in his voice, remembers how he got a pimple from his dad when, as a teenager, he registered his account on Facebook. And when the young man said that in the future he would necessarily become the author of his own social network, his father just laughed in response.

This situation has sunk deep into Zach’s mind so much that after so many years he decided to prove to his parents that there is a place for children on the Internet, which is safe and even useful. Grom Social is a Zach Marks project, a social network named after the old slang term of surfers. The network has a «kid-friendly» label and combines the best qualities of Facebook and Twitter. Over the first ten days, more than nine thousand people joined the project. Of course, this is only the beginning.


Users who log on to the network are controlled and monitored. Unlike most other social media, Grom Social employees claim that they constantly regulate interaction between members of the community.

As an avatar, a cartoon image is used, which gives some kind of anonymity, making the communication process for children relatively safe. And the network software constantly filters out curses, negative communications and user comments.

In an increasingly vast and confusing Internet, where Internet trolls hide around every corner, Grom Social provides the youngest users with a space for games, adapting the applications to the needs of the children’s audience.


Not much time has passed since the foundation, but Grom Social has reached new heights and is now estimated as a project of more than $40 million. Experts predict that in the next three years, their sales will increase to $100 million.

By the way, Zach Marks’s project inspired the TLC channel team to create a program about teenagers that can change the world. As for the influence on the common people, undoubtedly, the emergence of a social network under the label «kid-friendly» will shift and perhaps even dispel the established stereotypes that the modern Internet space is a threat to the psyche of the younger generation representatives.