In Zurich vegetables and fish are bred on roofs of the houses


The food shortage in Switzerland caused the creation of unusual green aquaponic greenhouses on the roofs, one of which can provide four large families with fish, vegetables and fruits all year round.

Globe / Hedron is a bamboo greenhouse, equipped with an aquaponic system for organic production of fish and vegetables. The technology is quite simple and mutually beneficial: the water in which fish live feeds plants with natural fertilizers, and the plants in turn purify water for fish.


Let us consider the construction in more detail. Water under high pressure passes through a bio-filter to collect fish fecal pellets, which turn into nutrients. This occurs under the influence of nitrifying bacteria. Then the water enriched with fertilizers enters the upper planting cell with vegetables, and then flows through all the next steps, simultaneously delivering useful substances to them. At the end of the process, purified water is returned to the aquarium with fish.


By the way, in this aquarium fish such as trout, carp, green fish, tilapia, salmon are bred. The annual harvest of vegetables, according to average estimates, is 400 kg. Similar bamboo greenhouses allow growing carrots, peas, lettuce, cabbage, chard, tomatoes, melons, cucumbers, pepper, pumpkin, and zucchini.

Initially, Globe / Hedron was created for retail sales of vegetables at low prices. This, according to experts, will help to eliminate the food shortage in the north-eastern part of Switzerland. Quite simple in organization and assembly design allows you to increase the number of cells for cultivation. Therefore, the system is able to adapt to any production volume.

Among other things, Hedron is among the eco-friendly designs, because it is made of bamboo. The construction is also equipped with a geodesic dome. The main load lies on the frame of the aquarium, which is located at the bottom of the greenhouse, and is redistributed evenly over the entire surface. Globe / Hedron is easy to assemble and erect on the roofs of buildings without any structural changes for them.

The authorship of the project belongs to Antonio Scarponi and the company Urban Farmers. For the ubiquitous distribution of Globe / Hedron, the project was placed to raise funds for IndieGoGo. To understand the essence of the technology, the features of the assembly and the possibilities of obtaining the crop, the authors submitted infographic to the public approval.