Aquapioneers helps people to create home gardens with their own hands


Aquapioneers ecological startuppers will promulgate drawings of their hydroponic system, according to which anyone can build his/her own garden with his/her own hands.

Spanish developers Aquapioneers (Barcelona) have created a hydroponic plant, allowing growing vegetables and fruits at home. It would seem that today there are plenty of such startups. But these guys stood out and became famous for having decided to disclose the «initial code» and all the drawings that will allow everyone to create a hydroponic garden at home.

Thus, the goal of the project is to give every city resident the opportunity to start growing vegetables and fruits with zero expenses in minimal time. And yet, according to the developers, they would like to get away from the costly delivery that people who want to have a farm have to order. In the case of Aquapioneers, its data rather than a material «travel».


Now in order to have your own mini city farm in your kitchen, you need regular plywood, a milling machine and a desire. In the end, a hydroponic plant (without soil) should be obtained, created on the basis of a 50-liter aquarium and a rack 70-cm high, 30 cm wide and 30 cm deep. The system «feeds» the growing plants with water and waste from the life’s activity of fish living in the aquarium, and the roots of plants purify the water. Plants, however, need light, so the authors of the project suggest using LEDs or sunlight thereby reducing the carbon footprint of cultivated products to a minimum.


«Cities and population are growing; in cities there is simply no place to grow something! Hydro- and aquaponics are an ideal solution for cities, because they allow you to run vertical farming and use unused private space,» says Loic Le Goueff, co-founder of Aquapioneers. «We are striving to change urban agriculture and promote food self-sufficiency in cities.»


To date, Aquapioneers is a crowdfunding project that collects funds for its implementation. The creators expect to collect at least € 15,000 – this amount is enough to complete the research and publish the documentation. The company’s investors who invested $43 or more in Aquapioneers will receive early access to design files for printing at home, as well as guidance on the successful operation of the Aquapioneers ecosystem. The team will release files in a public domain under the Creative Commons license a few weeks after the end of the campaign.