European Ecovillage Conference 2017 was held in Sweden


This year, at the 21st annual European Conference on the creation and development of eco-settlements, the opportunities for replacing obsolete life models with innovative ideas and projects that are in harmony with nature and the environment were discussed. The company-manufacturer of urban farms Fibonacci also entered the list of participants.

From 16 to 21 July, the picturesque Ängsbacka gardens (Sweden) hospitably hosted the participants of the 21st annual European Conference on the creation and development of eco-settlements. They are experts, activists, members of the GEN community (Global Ecovillage Network — the organizers of the event), as well as those guests who follow an eco-friendly way of life.

This year, the main topics of discussion were three postulates: Solidarity, Sustainability and Hope. The main motivation is to create a better future by starting to live for the now, turning meaningful ideas and projects into purposeful actions. In other words, the speakers talked about the fact that it is high time to replace outdated concepts with new models on a global scale. For example, the transition to solar energy sources, freedom from plastic, use of environmentally friendly materials in the construction of real estate, etc.


During the conversations, people shared their experiences and views on modern know-how projects, in particular through seminars. Some of the participants tried to express their positions with the help of art: dance, music and cinema.

By the way, participation in the conference is fee-based. However, organizers arrange one free-day every year, when everyone has access to the event. In 2017 this day fell on 17 July. There is also the possibility of online presence. It was used by the manufacturer of urban farms Fibonacci, whose representatives were able to share their experience in implementing eco-projects and take part in a general discussion of the global problems of our time.

Within the framework of the event in the territory of picturesque gardens, the exhibition of E.S.T.Expo devoted to low-carbon construction technologies was arranged. According to the organizers, the exhibits were collected from all European eco-settlements. In the demonstration laboratory, experts presented the technologies of their eco-communities, which are used to solve local or global problems. For example, the use of thermo-compost systems for heating, the construction of small wind turbines, bio-coal systems and hot water supply on pedal traction, etc. The experts conducted whole master classes to show how this works.


During lunch breaks, a fair was open to all participants where they could buy products and dishes cooked according to the recipes of the eco-settlers, inspirational books and get more detailed information about organizations and initiatives working towards a greener world.

To understand how serious this conference is, it is worth mentioning about the organizers. The Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) is a global and growing network of environmental experts, which was founded more than 20 years ago and represents more than 100 countries from 5 continents. It helps the eco-

settlements, organizations and individuals who are engaged in the restoration of land, harmony with nature and live in a sustainable way of life, unite and function successfully.

At each conference held by the GEN, President Robert Hall invites everyone to participate, unite and jointly implement environmental projects. Considering the scale and guarantees of the initiatives implementation, the answer to the question of whether to join, comes to mind by itself.