People of India managed to elongate fruits and vegetables storage life


Indian startuppers invented a paper unusual for its properties, which allows you to store always fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs and increase their shelf life in the refrigerator.

Ask any farmer or a housewife about which product goes out faster, and you will be told that it is greenery. In food, it is added in small quantities, but it is bought in bundles that turn yellow or simply rot in a couple of days. And it’s not about wrong storage. This product is simply perishable.

A resident of India Kavita Shukla founded Fenugreen Fresh Paper company, whose organic product allows to store vegetables, fruits and fresh herbs, and also increase their shelf life by two to four times.


Kavita’s brilliant invention is Fresh Paper, an eco-friendly herb paper (15×15 size) filled with organic spices. When such paper is next to fresh fruits and vegetables, it prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi, preserves food and reduces the amount of food waste. All you need is just put a sheet next to the products.



The idea of creating such an innovation came to Kavita still in the youth. The girl accidentally drank tap water, which within India is full of dangerous bacteria and pathogens. In order to prevent the occurrence of an intestinal infection, the grandmother gave Kavita a herb and spice tea. It helped the girl not to pick up a dangerous virus.

As a schoolgirl, she began to conduct research. In local grocery stores it was difficult to find boxes with strawberries, the bottom berries in which were not covered with mold. Therefore, all experiments were conducted on these berries. Kavita immersed her in various brews of herbs and mixtures, with curiosity noticing how this process stops the growth of bacteria. So, already in 17 years Kavita Shukla patented the ecological paper Fenugreek FreshPaper for storage of vegetables and fruits.

Initially, she intended her invention for developing countries that were suffering from hunger. They just needed to reduce the number of perishables, in order to feed as many people as possible. However, the product quickly gained popularity and thanks to word of mouth, this simple sheet of eco-paper, filled with organic spices, is found both in the kitchens of world consumers and in food chains around the world.