The world’s first air eco-hotel was created in England


An unusual eco-hotel, the design of which literally «hovers in the air» appeared in the harbor of Bristol. In our review we will tell you why almost every tourist wants to settle here.

In recent times, renting a tree house as a travel accommodation is a kind of trend for tourists who think about the ecology, nature and comfort of their holiday. The thing is that when building tree houses only environmentally friendly materials are used, houses are often located in picturesque wooded areas, and the view from the top is stunning. Therefore, vacationers gladly rent them as a place of temporary stay on vacation.

The eco-hotel Crane 29, which was built in the harbor of Bristol (England), is referred to a new type of tourist accommodation called crane house. The difference from the houses on the tree is only in location. Tiny hotels of the crane format are built on the ground, and then raised using a crane to a certain height and fixed on piles. Such houses can be found not only in the forest, but also in the city.


Bristol hotel is completely made of wood and is carbon neutral, because it was created with the help of environmentally friendly materials. The interior space of the hotel is filled with eco-furniture, along the walls there are branches of trees, and the shower and bed are made of meliorated wood trunk. The whole interior is decorated with green plantings: flowers in pots, grass, and plants are placed even along the tracks on the floor. In addition, the creators of the eco-structure took care to have the scent of the forest inside, which comes from the wood walls, lavender and sage flowering in the hotel.




Wild plants, attracting numerous bees and butterflies, are planted even on the roof of the house in huge wooden pallets. So, although the hotel is located within the city, it resembles a natural paradise in the middle of the boisterous atmosphere of the metropolis. Here, swinging in a covered hammock, you can peacefully enjoy the panoramic views of the harbor.


The authorship of the project belongs to the company Canopy & Stars. According to managing director Tom Dixon, the company’s specialists spent three years creating design, and only three weeks for the construction. Nevertheless, the hotel continues to attract tourists and is rightfully considered the world’s first eco-hotel of crane format.

Accommodation per night for tourists is £ 185, including breakfast. By the way, Crane 29 will be open for visiting only 100 days. All funds raised through renting will be transferred to the environmental organization Friends of the Earth.