German designer has grown “living chairs”


German developer opened the world an unusual opportunity not to buy, but literally grow furniture at home.

The talented designer Werner Aisslinger (Berlin) appeared at the design week in Milan with his unique specimens. He showed the general public a chair that was not bought or created in the factory, but was grown in a steel mold, removing which, the piece of furniture does not lose its appearance and remains durable and usable. Thus, the chair consists of a living plant.


On this wave, Werner created not only plant chairs, but also a whole studio for their production called Chair farm. In his opinion, the consumer attitude towards furniture is fundamentally wrong, and instead of killing trees and devastating the factories, we can grow interior items at home. Also there is an option to extend this kind of studio for the production of “living chairs” everywhere. This is a great idea for nature conservation and practicality. After all, the designs invented by Werner minimize the use of resources and the amount of waste, which makes them a worthy alternative to standard chairs.



In fact, Werner Aisslinger has been experimenting with natural technologies for a long time. For example, a few years ago he created the Hemp chair. Each chair is 70% made up of hemp, kenaf fibers, aqueous base and acrylic resin called Acrodur. The synthesis process is environmentally friendly and does not emit any toxic phenols and formaldehyde from the resin – the only by-product is water. Since the chair is made by pressing, the process by which the resin starts to liberate formaldehyde is simply not activated.


Another advantage of using hemp fiber, rather than reinforced plastic, which is traditionally used in stacked chairs, is that each chair is incredibly light and easy to move. And acrylic resin provides tactile durability, while maintaining the softness of the fibrous hemp.


This masterpiece has already been presented by Werner Aisslinger at an art exhibition. And even if it’s just a chair, its design and content are unusual.