How to create a home garden in the air?


The Mexican designer has developed an “air version” of cultivation for those who do not have much space at home, but have a desire to have a beautiful home garden that decorates the interior and brings a harvest.

José de la O is a talented Mexican designer who entered the top ten best experts in Mexico (according to Architectural Digest). At the moment, the girl firmly established herself in the Netherlands, and became the author of a suspended home garden project. Samples were received by the audience with a cheer at the furniture exhibition in Milan. Why furniture, you ask? The fact is that the purpose of the garden is not only to serve as a source of delicious vegetables and fruits.

Suspended garden called Vicky in appearance is an unusual lamp, as well as a large beautiful pot with illumination. Therefore, such a thing can be attributed to the category of furniture interior novelties. By the way, the name Vicky was chosen because works of Victorian style inspired José de la O to create an unusual lamp.



The blue spectrum of lamp light, which illuminates plants, helps to get a good harvest. In fact, this development was intended for those who have no place at home to have the garden. The author of the project also allocates a general construction of skyscrapers around the world, which have very limited access to light, as the main problem. So, people cannot have at home plants that supply them with oxygen, harvest and a pleasant mood.


Of course, the harvest, which will provide a full supply of vegetables and fruits to the whole family, cannot be grown in such a Vicky-lamp. But it will allow you to plant something edible and small, and also let you enjoy a piece of nature in a home atmosphere. Seeds are planted in a mixture of soil and moss, where you can place many small vegetable plants or aromatic herbs, such as rosemary, basil or parsley.

The project’s website says that the Vicki-lamp is released in a limited edition. But this does not prevent the people from acquiring the novelty and taking advantage of the creative home garden.