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It seems that the sharp contradictions between meat-eaters and vegetarians may soon come to an end. Top-tier scientists, food engineers and chefs have teamed up to create an alternative to conventional meat – cultured / clean meat. The Israel company SuperMeat promises to create not just an analogue of the usual meat, such as soy meat, but real animal meat, but without harmful actions to animals. Simply said, meat will be produced in a laboratory based on animal cells, that will be taken once without harm to animals and can reproduce indefinitely, which will allow producing enough meat from minimal resources.


According to research, the production of cultured meat will help prevent global warming, use 99% less land, emit 96% less greenhouse gases and use 96% less water, in contrast to the meat industry. Therefore, the costs of keeping animals prepared for slaughter will be reduced, which will allow cultured meat to be cheaper than the conventional one.

The inventors insist on the safety of clean meat, explaining this by constant control over production in the laboratory. Given the circumstances, not indifferent people will find in the cultivated meat a salvation for billions of animals, natural resources and the planet as a whole.

SuperMeat has already attracted the attention of the most popular vegan bloggers. The reason for their promotion of cultivated meat is, that this may be an excellent alternative that does not require killing animals and ruining the environment for people who are not going to give up conventional meat. Vegans are fighting for an ethical attitude towards animals and closing down slaughterhouses, which can become possible faster thanks to cultured meat than switching to other non-meat alternatives.

The vegan science writer Mic. the Vegan talks in detail about all the pros and cons of the SuperMeat:

Vegan youtuber Freelee from Australia also supports SuperMeat:

SuperMeat did not go unnoticed in social media, as a result was started a challenge, in which vegans eat a clove of garlic to support cultivated meat. The initiator of this challenge was Gary Yourofsky, the most famous vegan animal liberation activist and the author of the famous video “The best speech you will ever hear”.

In this video Gary expresses his support to SuperMeat:

Vegan mom Ellen Fisher, together with her family, supports the transition of meat eaters to cultivated meat, calls for support of SuperMeat to all concerned ones and bravely eats a clove of garlic:

The Australian blogger Bonny Rebecca was also not afraid of challenge to animal liberation:

This member of SuperMeat team went ahead and not only she ate a clove of garlic, but also jumped off the mountain in support of SuperMeat:

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