Crowd project of the week: Pangeacoins

Today we’ll discuss Pangeacoins (Pangea – ancient supercontinent), an independent crowdfunding project based on blockchain technology. The main purpose is to feed all striving people. The project uses best of modern technologies for resolving an ancient problem. The problem that seems unsolvable. So, Pangeacoins worth our attention.

Let’s look closely. Pangeacoins as a whole consist of three parts: vertical farms, food distribution centers, and cryptocurrency. We will discuss these parts and how they are related to themselves, and then the project itself.

First of all, this project is aimed at «to finally put an end to worldwide hunger». How? By producing food, distribution of it and creating new cryptocurrency as a medium of the process.

Blood of the project is the cryptocurrency, Pangeacoins. This is just another blockchain based currency. The difference is in means: it’s intended for food trading simplicity. Pre-sale of Pangeacoins will start on February 15, 2018. But you will be able to use your amount of cryptocurrency only after the official release of the client mining software on September 1, 2018. Before the date, you will have only a certificate displaying the ownership of the coins you purchased.

If you want to feed the hungry you need food. So, Pangeacoins project is planning «to build vertical farms in strategic locations around the globe». Funds will be raised through Pangeacoins cryptocurrency, that is through pre-sales of pangs and trading. Besides, some already existing vertical farms participate in the project. Actually, any vertical farm is welcomed for participation.

The next part of the project is creating food distribution centers. Through them, business and consumers will buy all of the food growing at vertical farms including rice, wheat, vegetables and so on.

Pangeacoins is a newborn project, they didn’t start presale of pangs yet. Creators of this project, Steven Teel, and Mike Felker say that they use holistic approach toward the problem of global hunger and intend on the full solution. Their idea is pretty clear and worth much respect. But if we look closer many questions arise:

  • What is the need in creating new cryptocurrency if the main purpose is farming and food distribution?
  • Why don’t they use usual crowdfunding platforms for raising funds?
  • How exactly using of Pangeacoins currency will help farmers in food distribution?
  • What would do their distribution centers?
  • How can the project be realized globally at once?

There are no answers yet.

Intentions are good, but much work is to be done. Now project aims are too broad to be realizable.