The art of toy-blogging: The Little Prince as a Second I



Every day there are more and more travel blogs. Someone emphasizes attention to emotions from travel, someone talks more about local people with their unique traditions and culture, someone is more interested in showing photos of forests, seas, mountains. But it becomes more and more popular to open the world of adventures through a toy. Usually, these are bears, rabbits, dogs, but there are also seals with pandas. We begin to observe not the life of man, but the actions and emotions of small inanimate beings.

Why is it happening? What are we trying to tell the world through our favorite toy? In this article, we define the trends of toy-blogging on the example of The Little Prince’s Instagram-account.

For obvious reasons, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry did not know about this possibility of realizing his book. But The Little Instagram-Prince does not repeat the path of the book hero: he is the traveler and he has his own unique impressions.


Chapter I: From 2D to 3D

Flipping through the photos, everyone will notice that the hero is represented by two figures. But we immediately understand that this is the same The Little Prince, just in different clothes and with a slightly changed hair. The illustration of the famous book becomes a living character.



Chapter II: Follow me

The main feature of toy-blogging is the position of the hero in the foreground. The figure of The Little Prince is small, but to show that he is still a man with a capital letter, he always stands in the foreground, and against his background is a beautiful landscape.

Often a toy-blogger stands with his back. In part this resembles the project FollowMeTo, where the girl stands with her back and pulls the young man’s hand, enticing him to open a new world. But to turn the toy-blogger back is to show his rich inner world. We do not just see a toy that was not turned towards us, but The Little Prince with his experiences: he looks into the distance, he thinks about something, he is interested in some important idea now.


Chapter III: He is the same as we are

The animation of the toy-blogger is easiest through eating: The Little Prince also needs food to take strength for new adventures. There is only one culinary photo on the blog, but probably in the future, The Little Prince will reveal the veil of secrets of his dinners.


Chapter 4: «You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed»

An interesting trend is pictures of The Little Prince with a fox. It is a creature that is even smaller than the main character. Of course, the appearance of the fox is a direct reference to the book, but on the other hand, we are increasingly convinced of the reality of the world of The Little Prince. He is an adult and self-sufficient and can take care of his friends.


The Little Prince communicates not only with the small fox. It can often be found in crowded places and sometimes even in the company of young people.


Did you see him, too, maybe?

Chapter 5: Pleasant feedback

Subscribers not only put likes but also comment and ask questions. The most important thing is that The Little Prince answers. And who will say that this is just a toy?

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Reasons for expressing oneself through a toy blogger can be different: someone is just being modest, someone is trying to find new forms of presenting information. Often we are more interested in watching not the same people like us, but the heroes of animated films or books. Why? Perhaps it is easier to express your feelings. We, people, are more than 7 billion, but The Little Prince is only one, and to follow him is more interesting with each photo. Or maybe someone likes The Little Prince so much that he wants to be like him. And Instagram is a great place to express yourself in such unusual way.

«Then, if a little man appears who laughs, who has golden hair and who refuses to answer questions, you will know who he is».