Edutainment: a new training method

Today many people abandon classical training methods at universities – they prefer short-run courses or online lessons. The reasons are explained in huge amount of information around modern people: not only reading or memorizing help us to get information, we get it also by analyzing objects, sounds and images around us. We do it unconsciously.

Thus, our brain gets information overload and fatigue, so it is hard for us to internalize course content successfully by a conservative training method. Let’s compare the amount of advertising, sound effects, any «media» information now and 10 years ago – we see a huge difference in volumes. That’s the reason why our brain changes perception, analysis and memory organization. Due to this fact we get the creation of a new powerful educational direction – Edutainment (education + entertainment).

Edutainment means information content with entertaining elements designed for studying. This methodology shows the best educational results, so it is used by scientific communities,corporations, governments and other organizations. The most well-known example is Ted Talks, where the speaker interacts with the viewer or listener directly – he draws attention of the audience with questions or audiovisual content. Peter Bradshaw says:

Performing at TED is a cool great sense, like getting the order of honor. This conference is the Hall of Fame for bright sparks. I will walk about the stage, juggling with statistics and various cool facts about cinema, culture and the Internet. On the count of one, I’ll make the audience laugh. On the count of two, they will shut up, because I will astonish them with a part of my secret knowledge

All these aspects have an effect on listeners and help them to focus on new information. Here is an advantage of this platform: people can visit the forum and also watch it online, selecting the most interesting content.Another eminent representative of Edutainment is Wendy Suzuki – a neuroscientist who writes books «how to rock your brain». She speaks at all world forums and integrates physical exercises into training.

People perceive information much better after physical exercises, that also improves memory

At performances she makes the audience stand up, do a Boxing warm-up to the drum rhythm and repeat the words: “I am the strongest. I will. I’m the best “. Suzuki also uses teambuilding methods, which have a positive effect on collective productivity: during the “Boxing warm-up” everyone should give a hi-five to left-hand and right-hand men and say that they are looking so fine.

One of the most leading online mediums of 2018 is Talent LMS. There a would-be student can find any course he or she wants. A student can adjust the training according to the student’s schedule, level of knowledge, necessary skills, and also create a list of classes and automatic notification about homework. The system uses only the most interesting content with animation, video and sound, which attract attention, entertain and involve in study.

Edutainment is a trend that develops rapidly and changes all global trends in learning. According to the 2018-2023 Global Game-based Learning Market, the market of educational games is growing by an average of 20% per year for the next five years. Games for practical skills development (language, coding, emotional intelligence, team building, etc.) are considered to be the most popular. Academic communities, corporations and government organizations are already demonstrating a steady demand for this format, which will cover general public soon.