Simulated beauty: CG – bloggers.

It’s the age of drones, which supply the place of real people at fashion shows. So it’s no wonder that some companies take it a step further – the world meets virtual model, which are called CG Models (computer generated).

These «sims-computer representatives of new raсe» have own Instagram accounts. Their behavior, appearance, interests and even relationships with other models are programmed inherently. For example, we can keep watch over intriguing friendship between such influencers as Miquela and Lawko. They go to the cinema, visit restaurants for dinner, and pass the night together sometimes.  So it’s some collaboration of brands due to well thought-out love story. These models even have a friend Bermuda, who likes to hang out with this famous couple. Consequently, here the world of live-brand is emerging, where ordinary people can take participation, subscribe and click the «like»

For example, Miquela was hiding the truth about her background from subscribers for a long time. In fact, she was created in Silicone Valley by Daniel Cain. Michela was supposed to be a «servant», but then she was «stolen» by Brud – another company. There this Sim was programmed, that she was «created on the life and mind basis of a girl named Michela Souza. She got Michela’s memories, mind and personality. But it turned out that Michela Souza had never existed before, and Lil Michela and her friends were just robots «created out of thin air to make money».

And this digital space really works, if you look after the quality of the girl’s graphics: the more income from advertising campaigns is, the more investments in improvement can be put.

The rapid growth of Michela’s Instagram subscribers provoked a big leap of cooperation offers. For example, this year in January she was on the fashion spread of Paper magazine. Afterwards she was a model for Moncler, Diesel and Chanel. Today 19-year-old Lil has 1.5 million followers who actively comment her «life».

What is the advantage of CG Models? The brand completely controls content, appearance and communication of such influencer. You don’t need to look for a brand ambassador and bear the risks of his or her behavior – now you can create your own representative. Such models don’t get old, don’t have physical injuries, and, all in all, have no human factors –that increases productivity. But there is one difficult point: it is necessary to pour cash into promotion of virtual personality.

Such CG-bloggers will reduce the need for «human» models soon, because almost all cosmetics, clothing and electronics advertising will choose simulated Sims in 2019.

But here experts have different opinions: some of them predict a new era of 3D models, where another world will be created without human intervention and it will generate itself on the basis of preset algorithms. Other experts predict glut of demand, which will slide down to cheap advertising posts eventually.