Get your groceries without leaving your home

Thanks to new circumstances, our pace of life has changed a lot, so stores had to change too in order to retain consumers. Instead of going all over the supermarket looking for the right product, you can simply select it from an online service and the company will deliver it straight to your home. No queues, no looking for parking, no waiting for change, just comfort and fresh food.

Let’s have a look at the best food delivery cases in 2020:

Walmart Grocery

Walmart Grocery is a service that offers grocery pickup and delivery from your nearest Walmart store. Using the company’s website or app, you can select the desired set from a variety of products, beverages, or home decor. You then reserve a time slot to pick up your groceries or, depending on your location, have them delivered to you.

 You may have heard of Walmart Grocery before, but the company recently launched a new membership option called Delivery Unlimited. By purchasing it, you will not be charged for delivery of any of your orders throughout the year.

Also, if you live near one of the 3,000 Walmart stores that participate in the program, your order will be taken out to you (for free) and you can load it into your car outside the store.

Minimum order: $35

Delivery cost: до $10

Delivery time: during the day of the order in the selected time-slots (if no overloads)

Store membership: optional, but you can arrange a year-round delivery for only $98 per year.


Free pick-up in the store.

Low cost.

Delivery from local stores.

Includes non-food items.


Delivery cost

Minimum order limit for delivery



Instacart is a grocery delivery service app where couriers select and buy your selected items in the store and then deliver them to your door. Depending on your location, you can get same-day delivery, sometimes even in an hour. The courier can collect the ordered basket of products from local supermarkets or from retailers that cooperate with the app.

Minimum order: $10

Delivery cost: from $4 for customers who are not members of the program.

Delivery time: during the day of the order in the selected time-slots (if no overloads)

Store membership: optional, but includes free shipping for all orders over $35 when participating in the program, which costs $99 a year or $10 a month.


Self pick-up and delivery options.

Works with several stores.


Tips are automatically added up to each delivery.

The waiting time for delivery increases during rush hour.


Amazon Fresh

Amazon demonstrates its online grocery shopping mastery with the Amazon Fresh app, a grocery delivery and pickup service. Amazon Prime members get free access to Amazon Fresh, and if you are new to Amazon Prime, you will have to apply and wait for an invitation to AF to use the service.

Amazon Fresh offers thousands of products. Household, personal care, and health and beauty items. By using the subscription and saving feature, you will get a lower price for the products you want to receive with each order.

Minimum order: $35 for free delivery.

Delivery cost: $10 for orders over $35.

Delivery time: during the day of the order (if no overloads).

Membership: free for Amazon Prime members.


Good client service.

Door-to-door delivery.

Many in-app filters for a best choice.

Free access for the Prime members.


Additional fees per order

A lot of packaging material used

Minimum order price



FreshDirect focuses on delivering high quality fresh, organic products with minimal intermediaries, working directly with local farmers, dairies, fishermen, and other food production partners. FreshDirect customers fill out an online order by choosing an item from the company’s warehouse, rather than from local grocery stores.

Based on the name, fresh products are the main advantage of FreshDirect, since products are delivered along with information about how long the products will stay fresh. This is great for people who schedule their weekly meal plans.

 Minimum order: $30

Delivery cost: from $6

Delivery time: during the day of the order in the selected time-slots (if no overloads)

Membership: optional, but you can purchase DeliveryPass for unlimited free deliveries: $79 for six months or $129 per year.


Guaranteed freshness of products

No product damage during delivery

Chef-made dishes

Reasonable prices


Delivery is not available everywhere

Commission for an order or subscription for unlimited delivery

Time slots are taken shortly



Good Club differs from its competitors by delivering purchases in eco-friendly packages that “reduce pollution”. Products do not contain chemicals, packages are plastic-free and light in weight, production is selective, products are grown without harm to the planet.

The company’s goal is to make household items truly environmentally friendly and accessible to everyone in terms of how products are produced, used, and disposed of. What attracts customers is that Good Club creates a “closed loop” system where the consumer returns damaged products and packaging for recycling and reuse.

Minimum order: £30

Delivery cost: £6.99

Delivery time: during the day of the order in the selected time-slots (if no overloads)

Membership: optional, but Good Club gives you a free 30-day trial subscription. Then, members only pay £2.50 a month (£30 is paid annually), including one free delivery each month.


Healthy products

Eco-friendly packaging

Packaging recycling system


Minimum order price

No mobile app


Thrive Market

Thrive Market is a unique shopping delivery service that operates as an online warehouse of natural, organic and healthy products. Wholesale prices allow you to save 25-50% from retail, and their direct purchasing strategy offers fresh quality products at a lower price.

Travel Market regularly provides free gifts, attaching them to the order, which gives you the opportunity to try new products for free. In addition to the paid annual membership program, the company offers free participation to low-income families, students, teachers, veterans, or professionals working in the emergency room.

Minimum order: $49

Delivery cost: depends on the location

Delivery time: 2-3 days

Membership: optional, costs $49 per year and gives you access to exclusive prices and free shipping for orders over $49.


Free trial products

Loyalty programs for a specific target audience

Wholesale prices


Minimum order prise



Shipt is a website and an app (available for iOS and Android) that allows you to order groceries and other items for home delivery. Downloading the app and creating an account is free, but you must purchase a membership to place an order.

With Shift, you can select your favorite store that is located in your area. After you place an order, a courier picks up the items or texts about replacing those that are out of stock, replaces the item, and delivers your order within the selected time slot.

Minimum order: $35

Delivery cost: $7 without membership for orders below $35. Free with the membership and for orders over $35.

Delivery time: during the day of the order in the selected time-slots (if no overloads)

Membership: required, $99 a year or $14 a month


Convenient app

Chat with curriers

Opportunity to choose your favorite store

Change of the products out of stock


Membership required

Time slots are taken shortly

The online food market in the United States and Europe has grown in recent years, as people increasingly seek to use convenient shopping apps to save time, and the situation with COVID-19 has made its own adjustments. However, the food business industry is one of the most difficult to manage, given the shelf life of goods, delivery, a huge range and logistics. At the same time, online shopping requires a very simple and convenient app interface for buyers, as well as favorable offers, promotions and coupons for the next purchase and, most importantly, fast delivery to your home at a convenient time for consumers.