The continued advances in technology and its weave into our daily live through increasingly intuitive devices and applications are reshaping the brand communications industry. Advertising and brand communications companies are always on the lookout for new ways of interacting and engaging the consumer and are keen to be the first to market with innovative ways to communicate a message. The multitude of available and ever evolving apps, new technologies and social media channels, however, causes more and more disparate communication platforms. What does this mean for the communications industry? It means adopting an increased social media and technology intelligence is a must and it means it is continually transforming this industry in how it operates.

By Alex Sanders,  Head of design and brand strategy at Kyp, London

Just got back from the German Direct Marketing Congress in Wiesbaden, where Germany’s leading media heads and brands discussed trends and forecasts and presented best practice case studies. Centre of stage was social media and its effect on brands and consumers. I put together a brief summary and some selected case studies from the 2-day congress.

By Alex Sanders, Head of Design at Kyp Plc for Popsop

I went to a seminar this week that was analysing how digital activities and traditional direct mail relate to each other in the real world. There were two exciting case studies I was intrigued by. One was a piece by GGRP created by Grey Vancouver and the other by Razorfish for Audi. Intelligent creative that demonstrated clearly that there is absolutely no doubt that digital has revolutionised the way we engage with consumers offline. Cool stuff.