Over a half (55%) of UK adults have stopped browsing sites and looking for new content and products—instead they stick to two-three trusted sources of information. This data comes from the global media agency Carat’s Consumer Connection System research tool surveying 11,000 UK consumers and their media behaviour annually.

As the first step in building long term consumer engagement, Philips Male Grooming has launched a through the line campaign to inspire and enable men to ‘Express Yourself Every Day’. The campaign by DDB London, Tribal, One Voice, Carat, IRIS and Philips aims to help male consumers (25+ years old) realize that self-expression can be something they do every day—from the way they walk, to the job they do, to the way they shave and groom. Real guys that change mundane aspects of their daily routine into an opportunity for self-expression are at the heart of the emotionally-led campaign, which is set to break the conventions of the traditionally conservative and predictable male grooming category that has sold men on the clean shaven look for the past 30 years.