Veuve Clicquot and 5.5 design studio have collaborated for a series of accessories that are inspired by the brand’s life philosophy and visual tradition. The new line called “The Mail Collection” continues the brand and agency fruitful collaboration that started back in 2008 with the Champagne Cellar and continued with various visual representation of products and packaging.

Veuve Clicquot is getting fashionable with a new upscale limited-edition cover that unites functionality and style. The “Fashionably Clicquot” prêt-à-porter packaging is made of two parts that fit one into another and allow the pack to transform from a sleek cylinder into an elegant skirt for a bottle. Inside the cover, there is the label’s Carte Jaune bottle.

Perrier-Jouët is taking its art-nouveau visual philosophy further in the new artistic collaboration with London-based photographers Warren du Preez & Nick Thornton Jones, innovators in the image-making and film industry. The creative duo have developed a magic environment in the project entitled An Alluring Journey into Enchanted Nature that captures the spirit of the brand’s heritage and takes the viewers into the half-real world full of anemones, the iconic symbol of Perrier-Jouët.

The Dom Pérignon champagne brand has joined forces with the iconic contemporary artist Jeff Koons to create a limited-edition version of a bottle, a giftbox and a bottle holder in line with his balloon-themed artistic style. For the project, the master has adapted its “Balloon Venus” magenta sculpture, inspired by a paleolithic fertility figurine, the Venus of Willendorf, discovered in Austria and dated back to around 23 000 BC.

Photo: Jeff Koons with Dom Pérignon chef de cave Richard Geoffroy, demonstrating the case (click to enlarge)

Perrier-Jouët has presented another sophisticated design piece inspired by the brand’s artistic legacy and traditions. Following an array of various creative artifactss, ranging from water-colors to paper frescoes and botanical arabesques, here comes The Enchanting Tree. The new masterpiece, created by the Dutch-born, London-based product designer and artist Tord Boontje, is a champagne service made of suspended golden branches and decorated with anemones.