To celebrate its 40th birthday, Starbucks has presented a new commemorative coffee blend dubbed Tribute Blend, launched the multi-platform promotional campaign, released ‘Onward’ book telling the brand’s story and even updated its green siren logo. All these new additions were warmly welcomed by the public, now the brand adds apparel to the list of the anniversary-related merchandize, hoping to continue the success. The coffee giant teamed up with designers Alexander Wang, Sophie Theallet, and Billy Reid, the recipients of the past three annual CFDA/VOGUE FASHION FUND awards, to develop a line of signature limited edition T-shirts, which represent the brand’s vision and spirit and pay tribute to Starbucks ongoing commitment to help deprived communities in developing countries, contribute to ecological initiatives and provide people around the globe with best-quality coffee.

Comparison stands behind any considered choice, and any confident global brand tends to provide its consumers with an opportunity to examine both the positive and negative sides of their products—and sometimes weigh its offerings against goods by other manufacturer. Sometimes, companies also step outside the product world and help compare lots of other things—sexes, automobiles, brothers, tastes, political parties, athletes and more—to help determine which of the two is better, stronger, messier, tastier, faster, more attractive, reliable, sportive, etc.  In this overview, we won’t focus on serious ratings revealing carbon footprint or social impact, like Nike’s Environmental Apparel Design Tool, Timberland’s Eco Index or GoodWill’s rating—instead, as tribute to April Fool’s Day, which was celebrated last Friday, we will focus on humorous and tongue-in-cheek projects.

To continue the philanthropic legacy of parent company Starbucks, Seattle’s Best Coffee is giving back to communities nationwide with the launch of the Brew-lanthropy Project. Every day, volunteers across the US do remarkably good work while drinking really bad coffee—and the new initiative is kicked off to address this problem. Seattle’s Best will award nonprofit organizations with a break room makeover, free coffee for a year, $5,000 to continue to brew more good and a chance to tell their story.

On March 2, Costa, the biggest cofee retailer in the U.K., announced its plans on launching a new chain of self-serve coffee bars for the customers who want a high-quality coffee on the go.

This announcement was made yesterday after it was reported that Costa had aquired Coffee Nation, a chain of self-service coffee bars across the country. It is understood that Coffee Nation facilities and equipment will serve as a terrific platform for Costa Express. According to the official press announcement, the first bars of Costa Express chain will start operating in June 2011.