To promote its women’s products, Under Armour has launched an inspiring campaign by Droga5, focused on strong dedication and inner strength that can drive anyone to success. The centerpiece of the new effort of a one-minute spot featuring ballet dancer Misty Copeland, a soloist for the American Ballet Theatre, who had problems with admission to the academic ballet top school because she got a “wrong body.”

Coca-Cola Zero wants to help people feel less awkward in their traditional, still usually ridiculous Christmas sweaters. The garment, which causes heartache to those who have to wear it at family Xmas parties, now can be fundamentally redesigned. The brand has launched an online destination, Coke Zero Sweater Generator, inviting its US consumers to come and create a Christmas jumper design for a chance to get the physical incarnation of their dream jumper.

Real freedom means listening to your heart and not sticking to the rules set by others. Among other things, it means that you mark special occasions when you think it’s right. On the eve of the U.S. Independence Day, July 4, the British beer brand Newcastle Brown Ale encouraged Americans to “enjoy American freedom by celebrating British rule” before the actual date.

The digital music-streaming service Spotify has launched a U.S. campaign to reach a broader audience. The new “For Music” promotion, developed by Droga5, includes two commercials on TV and in the digital space. The first 30-second ad aired during NBC’s season premiere “The Voice” on March 25, and the extended version arrived on the same day during other shows. The service’s first-ever campaign will also include display and video ads to be launched on major online platforms such as Yahoo, AOL and Viacom networks.

Coke Zero is launching a new U.S. campaign, revolving around the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. The brand, which was created as a male-targeted diet version of Coca-Cola, is highlighting this “men” twist in the new advertising effort, developed by Droga5. The tagline of the new campaign, “It’s Not Your Fault,” plays around the men’s right to be in the game, even when they are at work.

PUMA launches a totally new cross-category platform, which includes marketing campaign as well as innovative additions to the brand’s major product categories, Football, Running, Training, Golf and Fitness. The name of the new platform is «The Nature of Performance,» and it is designed to tie the brand’s performance categories even closer using one distinct approach, “a consistent voice, look and feel,” writes the company in the press note.

PUMA has decided to find an answer to an eternal question many people would like to know—whether soccer fans love their team more than their wives and girlfriends. In collaboration with Droga5 and Bristol University researchers, the sports apparel brand did a study based on information from Newcastle United fans. Before the test began, the male fans had told researchers that their love to both their wives and their teams was equal. 

Hennessy has launched a campaign revolving around wild rabbit—no, not as Easter mascot, but as a symbol of motivation which drives us to uncovering new treasures and reaching new heights. For the hilarious, artistic initiative dubbed ‘Never stop. Never settle,’ the cognac brand teamed up with the Droga5 New York agency—the new initiative, feature success icons of our times, is now rolling out online, outdoor, radio, in social media, in print with QR codes and on TV in the USA. The brand asks drinkers “What’s your wild rabbit?”, and encourages them to always move forth with the ‘Never stop. Never settle.’ slogan (which is actually very reminiscent of Johnnie Walker’s iconic ‘Never stop walking’ tagline).