Rihanna, who is fronting Nivea’s 100th anniversary campaign, is also collaborating with Armani, both as a face of the fashion giant’s new promotion (launched earlier this fall) and as a designer of a new capsule collection of apparel, which includes lace lingerie in a special bag, two styles of jeans, a leather biker jacket, two tees and a leather bag, featuring the signer’s ‘R’ logo and the eagle, the symbol of the fashion brand.

Fashion brands are not only providing the people with haute couture attires and opulent accessories—some of them are really committed to improving the world outside the fashion houses, luxury boutiques and glamorous parties. One of those social-minded brands, Giorgio Armani joined the UNICEF’s clean water Tap Project, conceived in 2007 by Droga5, with its Acqua for Life initiative in 2010, and now is adding a new element to its project by launching the Drops for Life extension.