With the rise of technology and gamification trends in the modern consumer world, outdoor advertising is rapidly evolving from mere paper posters and billboards to multisensory pieces that are engaging, educational, entertaining and sustainable. This article offers a brief recap of some game-changing examples of how to harness the power of traditional on-the-wall ads by giving them a little tech and/or designer tweak. Below, there’s a list of wall and outdoor advertising, split into categories, depending on the approach applied.

Wrigley’s Skittles invites its fans to create a holiday ad on the dedicated page, using all range of filmmaking tools. The brand known for its hilarious and weird “rainbow”-themed spots is offerings its consumers a splendid opportunity to make a DIY spot online and then share it with friends. After touching, sweating, tasting, etc. the rainbow, the brand now encourages its fans to create the rainbow in their own advert.

HEINEKEN invites its consumers to submit their observations on the lives of today’s 60 -70 year-olds. The company has launched a new competition, «60+Generation,» through its creative hub, IdeasBrewery.com, where it accepts themed submissions in all formats, from photos and videos to written stories. The winning entries will become part of a 60+ documentary movie.