When British Airways launched its Happiness Blanket, it was clear that ‘happiness’ had become an integral part of the brand’s thinking. No wonder, really; marketers and brand experts are well aware that appealing to consumers’ emotional core is one of the surest ways to engender a positive response—and no emotion is as positive as happiness.

But more than that, its approach is based on human truth and carries a pleasant simplicity. Fly with us, it says, and we’ll keep you safe, secure, protected—figuratively as well as literally wrapped up. It highlights that BA thinks of its passengers not as customers, nor as cargo, but as people.

Coca-Cola has released a heart-warming short documentary which is dedicated to the joy of the family reunion on the Lunar New Year in China. A great number of parents there have to work and live as migrants in bigger cities to support their kids financially, so the holiday is the only short period of time they can see each other. The “Home Alone Kids” film narrates the story of three families from Longsheng, Guangxi Province that reunite after long months of living apart.

While beer, one of men’s favorite drink, can’t contribute to prostate cancer treatment in a direct way, it still can help by raising money to fight it. Seven professionals from creative agency Karmarama teamed up to found private Two Fingers Brewing Co. to create Britain’s first-ever beer brand that donates 100 per cent of proceeds to help fight prostate cancer.

Special K, the low-fat breakfasts and snacks brand from the Kellogg’s portfolio, is taking on the women’s bad habit of treating themselves aggressively with self-depreciation talks. The brand collaborated with Leo Burnet to launch the campaign dubbed “Shhhhut down fat talk” that explains how damaging self-humiliation can be. The effort includes the “Fast Talk” video and promotion on the brand’s Facebook page and Twitter profile.

The Withings brand of body monitors has launched an impressive stop-motion video that inspires people to love their bodies and listen to them. The “Beautiful Naked” video, created by London-based agency Man+Hatchet, features 100+ nude people who form various pictures to illustrate the poem titled “Sam,” recited by the voiceover.

IKEA Switzerland aims to battle loneliness this festive season with its newly launched initiative dubbed “No Empty Chairs at Christmas.” The furniture retailer is offering a match-making (not dating) service now, allowing each person who doesn’t have a company on December 24-26 to finally find it through a dedicated site.

Google is making philanthropy efforts yet easier to follow with a one-of-a-kind online event, “Hangout-a-thon” on Google+. The online meet-up will be dedicated to Giving Tuesday, the day when people traditionally donate to the charity of their choice. During the 12-hour event on Google+, the audience will be able to easier connect and donate to their favorite non-profit, all in virtual space.