Adidas Originals returns its celebrated Stan Smith shoes style, created back in 70s and named after the former World No. 1 American tennis player, with a high dose of creativity sourced from a star-studded collective. For two previous years, the legendary model has been accumulating energy for a spectacular come-back. The sportswear giant is now inviting its fans to visit a dedicated exhibition that will feature the footwear silhouette re-imagined by such celebrities as Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Sir Elton John, Boy George, Sharleen Spiteri, Carl Hopgood, Judy Blame and Kylie Minogue to name a few.

With mobile devices and advanced computer technology available now, knowledge can be accessed distantly and at any time. Still, people sometimes need wisdom to be packed and delivered to them in portions, preferably in the physical dimension. The focus is gradually shifted to teaching on the go, and more mentors are hitting the road to bring their expertise to the public across the country or sometimes even across the globe. Brands gladly support or even initiate such initiatives aimed to break into the cluttered informational realities of consumers, teach the curious minds something new and let them evolve as creatives.

Since September 14 through to September 28, the Moscow centre of modern art, design and architecture ARTPLAY will host an exhibition of 100 best works submitted by 76 young talented Russian artists as part of the Russian-only design competition organised by Martini Art Club to create the best arty packagings for the brand’s bestest selections —Martini Bianco и Martini Asti.