Wrigley, a subsidiary of Mars Inc., is adding some energy to its product range. The gum manufacturer is launching its new Alert Energy Caffeine Gum brand on the U.S. market as an alternative to such traditional energizing products as coffee, tea or energy drinks. The new product, which is targeted at consumers aged 25 and older, will be carrying warning labels with information on the caffeine component to help them control their daily caffeine intake.

Kraft Food’s chewing gum brand Trident has launched a debut global campaign, which celebrates all the opportunities life can give us. The new ‘See What Unfolds’ campaign by Saatchi & Saatchi, New York, which broke on Monday, is targeted at millennials—people in their 20s and 30s, who want to experience everything the day can give and make their own decisions. In its core idea, the new marketing initiative, which as reported by Ad Age is set to roll out in at least 17 countries, including the U.S., is in some way similar to the controversial Diesel’s ‘Be Stupid’ or Levi’s ‘Go Forth’ campaigns combined, but of course is less provoking than the first one and less rebellious than the second one.

As it turns out, 2011 is a year of milestone anniversaries for a number of global brands—Coca-Cola celebrated its 125th anniversary in May, Mercedes-Benz marked 125 years after the first automobile was invented, Starbucks turned 40 and Perrier-Jouët celebrated its 200th birthday with a glamorous edition. For Wrigley, the iconic chewing gum company, a subsidiary of Mars, this year is also very important—a century ago, on October 19, 1911 the genuinely American company, which was founded in Chicago in 1891, opened its office in London, selling its gum product in a chemists shop. Then, 100 years ago, its capital was just £2,000, and now it grew dramatically, since “more than 90% of the gum chewed by Britons is made by the company, says Mars Inc..

Wrigley introduced its 5 gum brand in 2007 trying to set the gum chewing trend among customers. Four years later, in 2011, the company started a big teaser campaign aimed to recruit players to join the alternative-reality game called ‘The Human Preservation Project’. The concept of the game is to explore the virtual world in order to save the human race by maintaining sensory experiences.

Art has no boundaries. Materials, theme, sizes, colours—this is up to the creators to choose. Mentos US invited seven sculptures to come up with their creations made of chewing gum instead of conventional materials such as gesso and clay. The results of this unique collaboration are unveiled on the brand’s Facebook page, with two of them even appearing in magazine print ads (a lady wearing a summer hat/fruit gum and a picture of a giant octopus seizing a ship in the sea/mint gum).

European brand consultancy LFH has created the branding and packaging for new Xylimax Flow chewing gum from Fazer, Finland’s largest confectionery business. New Xylimax Flow is a fresh fruity flavoured full xylitol chewing gum with sequentially released fruit when first chewed and a refreshing mint flavour at the end. It comes in two variants both with a menthol finish—lime and cactus, and raspberry and peach. The new chewing gum will be sold in 25g bags. LFH was appointed on the strength of the agency’s previous work with Fazer, following their appointment as the company’s brand consultancy in 2009.