AXE (Lynx) is well-known for its controversial campaigns, touching on the most personal themes, primarily about man-woman relationship. A few days ago, the brand has launched a nice poster in Hong Kong claiming that Lynx can turn a lesbian into a straight girl with just a few blasts of the body spray onto a male’s body. The promotion developed by BBH Asia Pacific in Singapore for the Hong Kong market builds on the announcement made by real-estate tycoon Cecil Chao, who offers HK $500 million dollars ($65 million US) to a guy who will turn his lesbian daughter Gigi into a straight gal.

IKEA makes textiles one of the core components of its collections and focuses on fabrics in its campaigns. Recently, the furniture retailer launched two promotions at a time—in Australia and Hong Kong—dedicated to the creative use of textiles, DIY and home comfort revolving around applying different prints and colours. Both campaigns include an interactive component, encouraging consumers to experiment with textile and find new affordable ways to express their personalities through vibrant patterned fabrics and bring new life to their homes.

Pepsi has teamed up with AAPE by A Bathing Ape to produce a series of collaborative products that will include T-shirts, umbrellas and other goods to be released soon. The first product of the brands, released as part of this collaboration, is a limited-edition Pepsi Moonface Camo cans, which reflect both Pepsi’s iconic design and the streetwear label’s visual approach. The series, which includes two colorways, will be available only in Hong Kong.