The international brand consultancy Interbrand has revealed the global companies with the most eco-oriented missions and achievements in its second annual Best Global Green Brands Report, based on consumer research and performance data provided by Deloitte (data based upon publicly available information). On the dedicated page, one may find the list with a description of eco policy as well as the link to the description of environmental policy on the companies’ websites, related articles as interviews with brand leaders to get an insight into the modern eco-minded approaches and visions.

Campaign Asia Pacific and research firm TNS surveyed 3,300 people in the 15-64 year old demographic to unveil the most popular brands in Asia Pacific. The top 3 turned out to be Sony, Samsung and Panasonic. Respondents from Australia, China, India, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand evaluated the brands in 72 categories.