HUGO is inviting artists and designers from all around the globe to join the next round of its international competition, HUGO Create, which was kicked off back in 2008, and since that time gathered over 32 thousand submissions by nearly 15,000 designers. Every 2 months or so the brand announces one theme (so far, there has been 19 of them ranging from ‘The Skyline’ to ‘The Elements’ and ‘Visual Mixtape’), and now HUGO kicks off the next challenge entitled ‘Surreal Appeal,’ asking participants to interpret the idea of modern surrealism in their new designs.

Hugo Create kicked off the 17th round of its global design contest, taking music as the basic theme for artists and illustrators to employ. The starting point of the previous ‘cycle’ (Motion of sound) was tunes as well, and this quite surprising that the brand has asked creatives to develop their works around music again since it never uses one theme for two times in a row.

Hugo Create announced the launch of the 16th round of its designer competition, started back in February 2008. The new phase, Motion of Sound, will be running up to August 31, with the winners to be named on October 1. Participants of the contest are as usual invited to create their unconventional graphics, featuring the Hugo Man Bottle, for a chance to become one of the 9 winners and receive $500 or to be selected as the grand winner, which will also get the same amount of money plus will have his or her work published in i-D magazine.

HUGO BOSS is launching a new line of BOSS Orange, and to commemorate this it invites the fans to participate in the creative process and make a T-shirt of their own. The users are invited to show their talent and creativity by making the boldest design ever on the Facebook page of the brand. Each of the contestants will provide two sketches and they will be voted by other visitors.