PepsiCo is getting ready to kick off its new low-cal Pepsi NEXT product that is expected to become “a game-changer in the cola category” as the company says. The NEXT cola was unveiled in the end of last month and contains 60% less sugar than regular Pepsi-Cola. With the new product, Pepsi responses to the public demand for a diet cola with a full-flavor taste. ‘Drink it to Believe it’ is a slogan of the new campaign.

The Cube is the title of a new promotional project commissioned by Electrolux and performed by Park Associati. A new movable restaurant will “crown» the highest peaks and most notable buildings of Europe. Starting from April 1st, this wonder of modern-day architecture and promotion is going on tour, during which it will visit and sit on top of the most renowned mountains and buildings of Italy, Russia, Switzerland and Sweden. The first location it will make an appearance is Brussels, Parc du Cinquantenaire where the Cube will appear on top of the arc.