The international brand consultancy Interbrand has revealed the global companies with the most eco-oriented missions and achievements in its second annual Best Global Green Brands Report, based on consumer research and performance data provided by Deloitte (data based upon publicly available information). On the dedicated page, one may find the list with a description of eco policy as well as the link to the description of environmental policy on the companies’ websites, related articles as interviews with brand leaders to get an insight into the modern eco-minded approaches and visions.

The article is written by Jamey Wagner, Creative Director and Steve Leder, Associate Creative Director at Interbrand, USA

Reflecting busy consumers’ demands for convenience in today’s fast-paced world, some food brands are offering the nutritional benefits of solids in liquid form. Take, for instance, V8, the original drinkable food, applesauce in pouches with pour spouts, Fruit2Day’s “new way to eat fruit,” and yogurt’s evolution from Go-Gurt to a full-blown frenzy of drinkable options.

The article is written by Ronny Beck, Executive Director, Account Management at Interbrand, Cincinnati, USA

It might seem counterintuitive amidst the current cycle of high unemployment that employers need to work harder than ever to retain qualified and motivated employees. However, a survey by MetLife revealed that 36 percent of employees hope to leave their job in the next 12 months; many are watching for evidence of an improving economy to move to greener pastures. The study also showed that less than half of employees felt “very strong loyalty” to their employers.