For U by Kotex, the women’s health has never been taboo and it has been openly discussed it in its promotions for years. Now, the brand is launching its frankest advertising campaign dubbed “Generation Know” to spread awareness about the facts about the V-word and educate female audience (and men, too) about feminine care through a conversation on, a sort of social network dedicated to vaginal health.

Kotex wants a woman to talk about her period openly, and to be not shy about this controversial theme. The feminine hygiene care brand has teamed up with Israeli agency Smoyz to launch another campaign dedicated to the theme on Pinterest (the agency says that it’s the first-ever promotional effort that uses this photo-sharing service, which is gaining momentum now). The creative team behind the project dubbed ‘Women’s inspiration day’ selected women, who shared the photos with items which inspire them most on Pinerest boards, and then Kotex asked a female designer to incorporate the new Kotex design into these interests, such as lanterns, bowls, vases, spoons, etc.

Within a year of creating a revolution in the feminine hygiene category with the launch of U by Kotex and U by Kotex Tween, Kimberly-Clark is extending the line with U by Kotex Limited Edition Designer Series. Four distinct new products and designs capture young women’s personal style with trend forward colors and patterns, keeping her interested by creating surprise, delight and variety on shelf.

Nowadays fashion seeks to spread its power over every tiny detail of our life, not just clothes and footwear. Since the time even personal electronics were announced a fashionable accessory, the modern day consumer has become hard to surprise. But what is SHE going to say about that: beginning April 4, even sanitary pads have become a fashionable accessory due to the ground-breaking campaign launched by U Kotex. The brand has signed an award-winning designer Patricia Field (known for her work as a fashion and costume designer in ‘Sex and the City,’ ‘Ugly Betty,’ and ‘The Devil Wears Prada’) to run the new contest, reports. 

Kotex is encouraging women to open their lingerie drawer and demonstrate their dull period underwear to the whole world. Seems quite weird, but that’s exactly what Kimberly-Clark’s female brand is doing right now with its Kotex Project Makeunder contest, which is launched to help ladies turn their private accessories  from “drab to fab” with the tips from fashion celebrities.