Iconic British spread Marmite has launched a pre-Christmas campaign for its Gold version in London encompassing both social media and DOOH channels to give its fans a munite of fame.

As a first stage, Marmite invited all its fans (and even foes) to have some fun with its new app allowing to submit users’ photos which then appear on a large digital screen of the famous Christmas lights on Oxford Street.

The Marmite spread, which always generates much buzz around itself, is announcing a new push revolving around its secret community, Marmarati. The secret society, which has been launched to support the release of Marmite XO, the brand’s extra strong version, and has been running in beta for some time, is gaining momentum. The new online hub, which has been created by We Are Social, invites consumers to undertake a range of challenges, which will help to demonstrate how true their love for the ‘Noir Elixir’ is.

Comparison stands behind any considered choice, and any confident global brand tends to provide its consumers with an opportunity to examine both the positive and negative sides of their products—and sometimes weigh its offerings against goods by other manufacturer. Sometimes, companies also step outside the product world and help compare lots of other things—sexes, automobiles, brothers, tastes, political parties, athletes and more—to help determine which of the two is better, stronger, messier, tastier, faster, more attractive, reliable, sportive, etc.  In this overview, we won’t focus on serious ratings revealing carbon footprint or social impact, like Nike’s Environmental Apparel Design Tool, Timberland’s Eco Index or GoodWill’s rating—instead, as tribute to April Fool’s Day, which was celebrated last Friday, we will focus on humorous and tongue-in-cheek projects.