If you sometimes feel guilty chatting with a friend on mobile/tablet in front of your desk during the working hours, you are not alone: a recent study of 3,500 American adults of different ages reveals 58% do so every day and feel guilty too. Here are the five most recent trends on how we use tech to consume media content and socialise from Deloitte, Kantar Woldpanel, Lightspeed GMI, and MobileIron.

The recently revealed 18th annual Global CEO Survey by Pwc, based on 1,322 interviews with CEOs in 77 countries, has proved a common macroeconomic concern for the major mature and developing markets—the global growth prospects continue to slow down and optimism among global business leaders fades.

Havas Media Group along with the two research agencies Differentology and On Device Research have teamed up with Sky Media, advertising sales arm of Sky, to conduct one live and two lab experiments aimed at trying new methodologies in measuring mobile advertising effectiveness.