Nikon Foundation kicked off a contest, focused on fashion and career opportunities for younger generation of people behind the lens. The recognized leader in the photo equipment industry and celebrated fashion and celebrity photographer John Wright are on the lookout for a person, who would become a paid assistant of the photographer for as long as three month.

The ‘inner world’ of things we consider unattractive or even disgusting, can be stunning—entrants of the Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition prove it. To see this beauty, we just have to zoom in. This year, the micro-universe was explored by hundreds of entrants, who submitted more than 2,200 images, unlocking the secrets of the whole universe which we just can’t see with the naked eye. Each of the work was magnificent in its own way, but there had to be just one winner. Jonas King (Vanderbilt University, Department of Biological Sciences, Nashville, USA) with his image of 100 times magnified Anopheles mosquito’s heart colored with fluorescence technology scooped the $3,000 first prize.

To complement the summer concert season, Nikon announces the launch of «NikonLIVE» as part of its sponsorship of the Nikon at Jones Beach Theater with Live Nation. The site will provide music fans with great content, including tips about shooting concerts and images by professional photographers while integrating music, photography and social media enabling fans and artists to share personal concert experiences.