Procter & Gamble unites its two leading brands, Head & Shoulders and Old Spice, for a new product that combines the benefits of both labels’ ranges. The launch of the new product, which is the official shampoo of Major League Baseball (MLB), is supported by multi-channel “Season of the Whiff” promotional campaign with a humorous touch.

Old Spice is pushing a wolf theme further with the introduction of a new spokescharacter, Mr. Wolfdog. The new ambassador of the brand is promoting the Wild Collection, which was introduced by two ‘wild’ commercials in the USA earlier this year. To reveal the best of the beast in each male consumer and advertise the wild scents line, P&G’s brand has tapped the animal with human features.

Old Spice, which previously encouraged guys to “believe in their smelf,” now launches another U.S. campaign, which also touches on the smelling theme—“Answer the Smell of the Wild.” The new promotion, developed by Wieden & Kennedy in Portland, Ore. (the agency is behind all the campaigns the brand has rolled out in the past years), features two spots, which demonstrate how the inner beast can help you be a true man—both with ladies and in the game. With the new push, created to support the launch of the Wild Collection (Wolfthorn, Hawkridge, Foxcrest scents), Old Spice continues to reveal the secrets of manliness with a pinch of refined humor.

With less than a month left before the end of the world according to Mayan predictions, Old Spice launches a new online game which plays around the apocalypse theme. The brand presents the Dikembe Mutombo’s 4 1/2 Weeks to Save the World old-fashioned video game, which mirrors the philosophy of the Believe in Your Smellf campaign and Old Spice’s bold attitude, preserved by brand even in the toughest conditions.

Wieden+Kennedy, the agency behind the award-winning Old Spice campaigns, is on the lookout for a perfect person to join their team as a Creative Strategist for Old Spice. Since the promotions for the brand are extremely bold and unconventional, the agency is seeking daring people who would fit in the picture—of course, the perfect candidate should be a true cyber warrior.

Old Spice unveiled a highly interactive musical piece on Vimeo, featuring Terry Crews, one of the brand’s Guys. The former NFL player, who has been communicating the “power” message to public in a series of Old Spice commercials, now turns his own body into a machine, which produces music. In the new video piece, developed by the brand’s agency Wieden & Kennedy and director Tom Kuntz, Crews is sitting surrounded by musical instruments including drums, saxophones, a guitar and synthesizer to name but a few. But basically it’s not him who plays all of them—numerous electrodes are attached to his muscle groups (pecs, triceps and sartorius adductors among others), which activate the instruments with each muscle contraction.