The latest Mintel research conducted among the U.S. consumers reveals that over a half of them (51%) consider organic product labeling is just an excuse for manufacturers to charge more; only 35-39% consider that products with organic labeling are actually organic. Just 40% recognize that organic foods are highly regulated, while 38% of the respondents are sure that «organic products» is just a marketing trick and it has no real value.

Electrolux, the company offering sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions for almost every aspect of household life, has organized a trend seminar in Stockholm dedicated to the subject of ‘terroir’ – a gastronomy trend that is rapidly attaining success in leading restaurants. Previously this term would only pertain to wine. But since it means “a sense of place” and refers to the cumulative effect that the local environment has on the taste of the product, it can be used to all food products. Terroir is about going local and eating local food, which is becoming more and more fashionable each day.

Pearlfisher has designed the artwork for food packaging and restaurant menus for new chain Otarian, already open in New York and coming to London on August 18. Otarian, a new boutique fast-casual restaurant chain, is changing the face of the London and New York food scenes by becoming the first global chain, which comprehensively reduces carbon footprint of every item on its vegetarian menu to internationally recognized standards.