Bacardi is capturing its unique 150-year history with a graphic novel that illustrates “The Spirit of Bacardi.” For this project, the legendary company tapped two of the most iconic contemporary graphic novelists—writer Warren Ellis and artist Michael Allred—who visualized the milestones in the brand’s odyssey to success.

Bacardi recognizes the sports passion vibe and celebrates untameable football fans with a campaign that drives company’s owners feel more sympathy towards real fans who don’t want to miss important World Cup matches. The new campaign, BACARDÍ Untameable Fans, encourages US soccer fans to sign and share a petition asking their employers to give them more free legitimate time during the working day.

The Malibu rum is seizing the summer with a broad campaign that encourages consumers to live active life in the next three months. The new campaign, “Best Summer Ever Project” by agency AnalogFolk, will be enticing fans into an offbeat summer experience. The endeavor fill be filmed and posted to social media channels, in several phases, across the globe.

As many companies nowadays traditionally do, Bacardi, the biggest family-owned global alcohol business, has recently marked the yearlong celebration of its 150th anniversary with the burial of a commemorative time capsule at the iconic Bacardi headquarters building in Bermuda, for the brand’s descendants and future employees (and, of course, fans) to be opened again in 2062, the year of 200th brand’s anniversary.

Bacardi is mixing of one its best flavours, Japanese culture and tattoo aesthetics all together. The rum brand is relaunching Bacardi Dragonberry with a campaign, which pays homage to one of the most prominent characters in the Japanese art, a dragon, with a modern twist through tattooing. The brand tapped Japanese Tattoo Master Horitaka to create a unique dragon tattoo design, ‘the mark of a master,’ which could be won by a lucky Bacardi fan.

Consumers like when brands offer them more than they expect and amaze them with new product offerings, which could never be predicted. Following in the footsteps of Diet Coke with its nail polish and Virgin Atlantic with the lip gloss, Malibu Coconut Flavoured Rum has revealed its own make-up kit worth £20. The new set, which includes a mirror, coconut-flavoured lip gloss, eyelash curlers and eye shadow, is given to those who buy a Malibu drink for themselves and a friend at 4,000 participating UK outlets these months through the end of summer. For this promotion, the alcohol drinks brand teamed up with cosmetics brand, Models Own, which provided the make-up items.