The Salvatore Ferragamo fashion brand, which earlier released an art exhibition and a book inspired by the biography of its founder, has presented a new art project—“Walking Stories,” a series of webisodes about the love story, which “travels” around the locations that meant a lot to Salvatore Ferragamo.

Salvatore Ferragamo is looking for girls who are embodying the vibrant nature of the fashion brand and are sharing its passion for style and upscale urban environment. The luxury fashion market player has launched a new initiative dubbed The Girls About Town as part of the promotion of its latest fragrance Signorina, “a subtly cheeky and fresh scent that celebrates chic girls who are timelessly modern and creative with a hint of audacity,” and is inviting everybody to join the movement. So far, the insider content on the website is shared by five female socialites, who are inviting audience into the world of glamour city life.