Subaru, which saved people in Australia from boredom at work in 2010 by sending a squad of rescuers to the offices, is now doing quite the same in the USA, but with an open air twist. The auto brand has launched the ‘Work Play Love’ Tour to encourage American employees to get out of their stuffy office environment, take off white collars and attend one of over 50 fresh air therapy stops, made at various U.S. companies, which support the movement. The new initiative, which helps employees achieve life-work balance, will be promoting the all-new 2012 Subaru Impreza, designed to deliver more fun, adventures and air into people’s life.

Consumers won’t believe that your product is really good until they see the results of crash tests and, which is much more convincing, participate in them. Most frequently, these experiments are arranged to highlight the possibilities of autos, software or a range of appliances, but such things as lingerie, performance drinks, furniture and men’s courage can get into spotlight as well.

Subaru has launched a little weird still very funny campaign with a lot of “wonderfully conservative” beige cars, which are nothing like the new 2011 Subaru Legacy model, promoted through this marketing push. The new viral campaign, dubbed «2011 Mediocrity,» is telling about a fake company which is producing the most ho-hum vehicles in the world, which are able to blend in with everything around.

Sick and tired of sitting all day long in the office without any hope live till the end of the day? Subaru Australia knows that you’re not the only one, who is dying to get away from the office computer as soon as possible, and is promising to stretch out a hand of help to those, whose are already balancing on the edge. Subaru XV Rescue squad are already there to return white collars to normal life.